How to scheduled post blogger for future date

Do you ever heard a future post in blog?If you a Wordpress user, I believe you have known this. In Wordpress you can make a future post with the "Timestamp" ability in Wordpress. So you can prepare a blog post now, and you can set the date and the time in the future to the post will be publish in your wordpress blog..

How about Blogger User?Does blogger has this future post feature?

I am a blogger, and I know that Blogger doesn't has this great feature. Blogger only has an ability to modified the post date and post time only, but when we hit publish button, the post will publish immediately but the date and the time is in future.This a funny thing to me, what Blogger purpose make this feature?Do you have any idea about this?

I really want someday blogger could add this real future post in their blog system, so i could use this feature for get more benefits.

What the benefit of using a future post in Blog?

I use blog not only for write a diary book online for me, but I use blog to share about anything useful to others like you, so I need to update my blog content regularly, at least once a day. With updating my blog regularly with valuable content I hope my blog can give more benefit for my blog visitor, because I appreciate them who spend their time to visit my blog. I don't want to make them disappointed after they come to my blog, and they not get anything to take.

Beside that, sometimes I have a good mood to write several article in one day, but sometimes I have "blank" mood, only one article or none article I can write in the "blank" mood. With the future or schedule post, I can schedule my article after I write that in the good mood to the future date. I will make my post will publish once a day, So i will not worry again if the next day I get blank mood and cannot write anything.

Another great benefit of using scheduled post are we can use this future post to make our post scheduled at holiday, like Saturday, Monday or another big holiday. We can make several post before holiday, and scheduled the post to be published on the holiday schedule. I think it will be perfect to me. I can spend the holiday time with my family, like take a vacation, go to shopping, visit great place in another city, etc. While I go to vacation with my family, my blog is still updated daily with my scheduled post. It sounds really great to me.

The last but not least benefit of making scheduled post for future is you can do another thing beside writing and updating your blog or site. You can do link building, commenting another blog, get active in your favorite forum and discussion, socializing with other blogger with social bookmarking, and many many things you can do without worried your blog doesn't updated daily.

So How to make this scheduled post for the future date could be done in Blogger?

Ok..Be patient Bro.

I will not make the tutorial here, because another great Bloggers have make the great step by step tutorial about this future post with scheduled email for us.

First, You can use free service called Email Scheduler, With this service you can make scheduled email contain your post to blogger to be publish on the specific date and time in the future.

How to make my scheduled email will be published in the Blogger, You would be better to go to this great step by step tutorial from Peter Chen:

How to prepare a post to be published in the future

In this tutorial you will get step by step how to use free email scheduler provider Email Scheduler to make scheduled post for the future date through email.

You can use another great free email scheduler service called LetterMeLater (cute name huh..). You can follow the clear and step by step tutorial how to use this free email scheduler service to make scheduled post for future date in Blogger from

Schedule & Publish Blog Posts for a Future Date in New Blogger

You must remove the word verification in your blogger post first to make this future post from free email scheduler service could be done. And how to remove the word verification in your Blogger post?

Follow this instruction to remove word verification in blogger post:

Why do I have word verification on my posting form?

If you want to try another free scheduler email service beside Email Scheduler and LetterMeLater, You can find the list here:

Free Email Scheduler Service

The last thing I can say, try it and enjoy your the scheduled post for Blogger mania :).



Anonymous said...

great idea, thanks goonie!
i've used emailschedule once, but never used it again because it sent advertisements with the emails which i can't stand. i just tried lettermelater and it doesn't have the taglines, and it even has an html editor window. cool beans.

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