Gates Millennium Scholarship Select Hoai An Truong as the first Recipients

Gates Millennium Scholarship Select Hoai An Truong as the first Recipients

Who is the first man who get the first Gates Mellennium Scholarship from Microsoft Corp?
The answer is a biochemist at CUA, Hoai An Truong. Congratulation to him. Read the full information below:

gates millennium scholarship
Gates Millennium Scholarship
"Hoai An Truong, a junior studying biochemistry at CUA, has been selected as one of the first recipients of the Gates Millennium Scholarship. Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill Gates earlier this month announced the first wave of scholarship candidates, chosen from more than 62,000 applicants from around the country. The award for minority college students concentrating on math, science and education was created from a $1 billion pledge over 20 years from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Approximately 4,100 scholarships will be awarded for the 2000-2001 academic year. The award will pay for what remains of Mr. Truong’s costs for tuition, books, room and board after his other scholarship offers have been taken into account, he said. "I was very excited. It’s going to be a big help for reducing the loans I've had to take out," said Mr. Truong, 21, a native of Vietnam who immigrated to the United States at the age of 10. "My parents are very happy for me." Catholic University nominated 10 students for the award. To be eligible, applicants needed to have at least a 3.3 GPA; be accepted into or enrolled in an accredited four-year undergraduate degree program or graduate degree program in mathematics, science, engineering, education or library science for the academic year 2000-2001; demonstrate leadership skills and community involvement, and demonstrate financial need. The United Negro College Fund is administering the scholarship program and overseeing the selection process, in partnership with the Hispanic Scholarship Fund and the American Indian College Fund."

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Best School Grants and College Grants Tips

Best School Grants and College Grants Tips

I believe that many people need school grants or commonly called college grants to reduce their study cost. With free school grants, you could save thousands of your money for study and could use your own money for your own need to support your study.

Where i could get school or college grants?

You could get initial tips to get a college grants from Bergeron below:

School Grants and College Grants
By Cary Bergeron

A school grant, sometimes called a college grant is a sum of money awarded or issued to someone for the purpose of attending a college, a university or continuing education. As a general rule these school grants do not need to be paid back. However there are exceptions to the rule so be sure to clarify the requirements with whoever issues the grant.

Most all grants require a grant proposal and that proposal goes through a screening process. The grant screening process can sometimes be quite lengthy so it is best to fill out any paperwork and have it submitted as soon as possible once you know which college grant you are after. If you are counting on a grant to pay for school it wouldn't be a good thing to have it come in late.

School grants almost always have to be renewed on a yearly basis. Just because you got a grant one year does not garuntee you the right to get the same grant the next year. If you need the same grant every year you are in school it would be wise to continuously check up on how that grant works and if there are any changes in the school grants as the year progresses.

Many students who attend colleges and universities around the nation rely on school grants to get them through their higher education years. While grants are not the only way to pay for school, they really help when you get out. The more college grants you can get while in school the less likely it is that you will leave school under heavy debt.

The author of this article is an expert on School Grants

He has also written many papers on College Grants and Grants for Women

I hope you could get the benefit from this article and get a good school grants and college grants for your study.All the best

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Get Business Degree Scholarships for Single Mother

Get Business Degree Scholarships for Single Mother

Are you Single mother who need a business degree scholarships? If so, previously i have give you a great article about Scholarships For Single Mothers,I hope that article could help you to get a great scholarship which you want it. If that article is not enough, here is another great single mother strategy to get Business degree scholarships from Joel Williams.

Single Mother Strategy to Get Business Degree Scholarships
By Joel Williams

Many scholarships are available for single mothers desiring to study for a business degree. To find available scholarships, single mothers wishing to pursue business degrees need to have a strategy. First, identify universities in your area that offer business degree scholarships. Next, apply for the scholarship. As a single mother seeking a business degree make sure you make this known in your application and be diligent in selecting a course of study that will accommodate your current responsibilities.

A couple of terms used to indicate scholarships specific for single mothers include:

· Single Parents

· Displaced Women

· Female students returning to school

· Non-Traditional Students

You could easily type these into the search engines to find useful results. The ways of searching for scholarship programs are limitless. Use as many combinations and variations of keywords as possible.

When looking for a scholarship, single mother candidates for a Business Degree need to examine the business courses they want to study. There are many variations of business degrees available. Single mothers need to consider how quickly the degree can be completed and whether to be a part-time or full time student.

Also when looking for a scholarship, single mother business degree applicants need to remember that in many cases grants, endowments, scholarships and other financial aid can be combined. This means you can apply for more than one scholarship or other form of financial aid at the same time. However, make sure you determine any limitations placed on accepting other scholarships when you submit your applications.

Many companies are also in the business of granting scholarships. Single mother business degree hopefuls should explore businesses and organizations in the area. They may be surprised at the number of establishments that do or will offer a scholarship. Degree applicants should also look at the company they currently work for and companies where their parents, other relatives and friends are employed.

Read the instructions carefully before completing the scholarship application, whether online or in print. It may take two or more readings of the application to get the full sense of the type of information needed.

Take great care to follow the guidelines established by the scholarship fund. It is easy to jeopardize your chance of getting that business degree scholarship if you don’t follow the rules. If you are unsure of the qualification requirements or procedures, get clarification before continuing. Don’t be afraid to ask the most innocent question. In fact, I have found that asking questions usually result in additional information you can use on the application.

Start looking for the scholarship of your choice now that you know where to look. Stay focused and keep applying until someone grants you a scholarship. You can’t just do one or two and wait for a response. Get as many scholarship applications in place as you can. Then one day when you open your mailbox, you’ll get a letter that starts with the word, “Congratulations”.

Joel Williams has written several books and articles for single moms. Check out his website at http://singlemomachievers.com/scholarship for information, resourceful articles, parenting tools and audios plus methods you can use to become the Mom you intended to be from the start. There is a FREE report to help you get started, "Your 7 Day Personal Program For Taking Back Control Of Your Life As A Single Mom! "

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Joel_Williams

I hope this article could help you to get business degree scholarship from reputable university. Good luck.


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