Ongoing weight loss - explained

If you have done the two week Introduction level of the diet and You are ready to go on , then you are about to become a serious dieter in the possible sense. We continue with what I call the Ongoing weight loss diet, though more lenient than your original 14 day diet will certainly show you what being on a fat mobilizing, fat-dissolving -yet fat containing - diet can do you .

After OWL, having become almost as wise as that dignified night roaming bird, you will move up to the important though relatively brief, stage of Pre maintanance dieting and then to your lifetime maintaneance diet .You are going to find that every one of those stages is a comfortable fit.

i am never going to leave you in the lurch. with your pounds lost and nothing to do but gain them back again. And I am never going to introduce you to a stage that's hard to do or that makes you feel bad .
What positive changes you ahve already , begun to enjoy!what a pleasure to lose weight, but i think, even more significantly, what a pleasure to enhance the quality of your life through painless, hungerless, healthy eating.
let me also say appetizing. Perhaps spareibs or bacon and eggswere among the luxuries that on alow-fat diet you had to do without. Now you are on a diet that's as healthy as the most rigourous low fat diet could possibly aspire to be and consequently, these luxuries as well as many others can be ours again.

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