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The best way to get a job is to study and research job you are trying to get to the point where you understand what you'll be doing (and be great at it). You basically have to know what you'll be doing in everyway and show your employer that you're worth it. Bellow I've listed a few more tips and advice that you'll find helpful. I didn't get to specific. Of course, Manual labor and office work are obviously different but the issues bellow will also help you. You should also know who you'll be working with and learn to get along with people without becoming too annoying. There's no good reason to be somewhere you'll feel uncomfortable.

Remember, You are Not entitled to having a Career or job unless someone is willing to employ you and you have the excellent work skills in your field! No one deserves money to live off just because you need it to survive. As you know, most people just show up to work and do as little as possible and get away with it. Know that it's easier for employers to fire their employees, they are taking full advantage which is good but since Since BushJr is in Power ... many employers can even abuse employees and get away with it but that's a different story. The point is, people have to gave great work skills and enhance their skills on a regular basis so they won't lose their job to a new comer.

Unfortunately, People seem to have this insane feeling that employers owe them work stability. That mentality will keep you unemployed and living in a fantasy world. If you can only do 1 or 2 different jobs you are looking for trouble. You should have dozens of different skills so you'll have that natural confidence that will shine while you are being interviewed. Plus, you'll know that even if you get fired or laid- off, you can easily find a new one.

Tips on finding a Job
If you're too lazy or careless to do these things, You really deserve to be Unemployed, seriously.

1. Try to find a Job you like, first.
Finding work you enjoy is at the top of everyone's list. Even if you make a few dollars less, you will save your self a lot of stress that could lead to other problems & stresses in your job. If you can't find a job you want, learn to like the job you'll be searching for (do this for as long as possible before showing up to the interview).

2. Do Research and Enhance your work Skills
Do a lot of research on the company you are trying to be a part of and what you'll be doing there. Then, work on enhancing your skills for as long as before going to the interview (so you'll impress your employer).

3. Minimize the Stress in your life and be sane
Here's something that very few people take into consideration, employers like "SANE" and reliable employees. You must work on on staying calm no matter how stressful situations get (While at work and at home). If you allow stress and crazy people in your life to mess with you before your interview, you will come across as stressed out and they'll know You're trouble" and they won't hire you even if you have great skills. I suggest that you break up friendships with people who create stress in your life. Having bad friends is dangerous and causing all kinds of hidden stress that employers can see. Employers are trained to pick up on unstable people so if they get a bad feeling about you, you will Not get the job or you will be fired as soon as possible.

4. Communicate clearly and deal with work Stress
If you can communicate clearly you will show the employer that misunderstanding and law suits won't be happening on your shift. This is very serious and important. You need to talk and communicate at the level of other employees in your work place without being rude by accident. You have to find a way to get along with employees and don't be rude in anyway. If people seem a little rude sometimes it's just to test you so don't fall for it. Of course, if employers are actually really rude, you should quit but keep in mind that sometimes they're just testing you.

5. Be realistic about the stress of making long commutes
Long commutes are very stressful and even depressing sometimes. Think about the stress that a long commute can create in your life. It's best to find work near your home so you won't end up feeling resentment at the job or regret your working conditions. (http://advice7.com)


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