7 Things you can do to prevent Bird Flu [Virus Protection]

Everyday we hear about it. The GREAT Avian Flu PANDEMIC is upon
us. But remember the 1918 Spanish Flu or the Influenza Pandemic
of 1918 [which came from chickens] only killed 40 million people.
So we don't need to worry.

Wait a minute! ONLY 40 million people died. That's terrible.
Especially if we were among the 40 million.

But they didn't have a vaccine like we have. What? We don't have
a vaccine either?

Well the experts say we WILL have one. About a year AFTER the
Avian Flu hits.

Will the Bird Flu hit us? Chances are moderate to high.

Well what can we do to prevent getting it?

1. If the flu travels from people to people, stay away from
people. Avoid subways, buses, theaters, and other places where
people gather in large numbers.

2. Don't shake hands. This is where most people catch viruses.
They shake the hand of someone who is infected and then pick
their own nose and voila, they have the flu. Use the old "Peace
Sign" instead of shaking hands.

3. Wash your hands a lot with a sanitizing soap. I like the soap
put out by the Melaleuca company.

4. Don't pick your nose. That is the main entrance into your
body. Your Momma told you this when you were a kid. Smart lady.

5. If the Pandemic gets going, wear a surgical mask when around
people. Don't use anything you get off the grocery shelf. Most
are so full of dangerous chemicals and may be worse than the Bird

6. Take a Grapefruit Seed Extract each day. We use a mixture of
GSE and several other citrus extracts. These have been known for
decades to stop viruses inside the body. And unlike
pharmaceuticals they have a low cost which keeps drug companies
from messing it up.

7. Use a botanical spray to kill any viruses on the surfaces you
touch. I like sprays with Tea Tree Oil or Grapefruit Seed


Think this sounds like too much trouble or is too sissified? Then
don't do it. After the Plaque of 1666 the people who survived
inherited the wealth of those who died. If you live you might
become very wealthy. If you don't, your relatives might get
really wealthy.

For 30 years, Dr Graham has been helping people treat and prevent
disease by showing them how to create a healthy healing world.
DrGraham@themoldlab.com newsletter at AmericanEcoDog-
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