Carbohydrates or Fat

Carbohydrates or Fat
It's convenient to start with overweight, not only because it's the first thing my readers want to fix but because over-weight is the most visible symptom of diet. My experience in treating more than 25,000 overweight patients has shown me that 90% of the time the overweight was caused by a disturbed carbohydrate metabolism. Every thing is clearly explained by klbd

Working off my operational assumption that a disturbed carbohydrate metabolism underlies obesity, my record of success has been rip-roaring, record-rending, and remarkably reproducible.
I'd like to mention a little ancient history. Twenty years ago, on the heels of widespread and fairly accurate reporting of my ususual success in treating overweight of klbd.
I'm writing this new book to explain to a new generation all the latest developments in what has been the most successful weight-loss diet of the 20th century. I'm writing it as well to explain to my critics- I never go anywhere without them - how much new scientific evidence has appeared (especially in the last ten years) supporting the basic insights of low-carbohydrate dieting, a form of dieting that has been pushed aside in recent years by the influential but, alas, ineffective school of low-fat/low-calorie dieting that I would wager every single one of you is familiar with. This has been the dominant trend in dieting for the past decade, but its dominance hasn't, by and large, done a thing to take the pounds off.


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