Weight loss by green tea

Green tea and weight loss event Green tea has been originated from Asia around thousands of years before. There is a strong belief that this green tea and its medical properties had been found accidentally by an Asian emperor. Similar to traditional black tea and oolong tea, green tea is prepared from the same plant 'Camellia Sinensis'. Green tea has its own medicinal habits to cure headache, digestive problems, tiredness and immune enhancement. What is the special in this green tea? It does not need any special preparation to heal the above problems. Green tea is prepared by steaming the fresh green leaves to a high degree of temperature.

Asian green tea has been around for thousands of year. It is believed that Asian green tea was discovered by an Asian emperor by accident. It comes from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis, as traditional black tea and oolong tea. For centuries, Asian medicine has used it to treat headaches, digestive problems, lack of energy, and immune enhancement. The Asian diet green tea is produced by steaming the fresh tea leaves at high temperatures, leaving a significant part of the nutritional enzyme content intact. Different from the black and oolong tea, the green tea is never fermented. Instead, its leaves bypass the fermenting process and steamed, baked or pan heated. The leaves are rolled and those tightly rolled leaves have long been considered as a sign of quality. Is Asian diet green tea effective for weight loss? These days, the Asian green tea is considered as beneficial for weight loss. Several indications were revealed that Asian green tea brings a number of benefits to those trying to lose weight.


Reliable Hosting Service said...

green tea is a real miracle for loosing wight, Thanks for indicating


California Agent said...

I keep having people tell me that I should start drinking more green tea since I started my diet.I guess I'm up for anything might as well give it a shot.

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