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Education Services Foundation (ESF) - Student Loan, Financial Aid, and College Planning Resources
Making College Possible. Education Services Foundation (ESF) is Mississippi's non-profit resource for free college planning, scholarships and low-cost student loans with the great money-saving benefits for the borrower. Our ultimate goal is to provide students with access to higher education. This means providing free college planning resources and assistance, helping students locate and apply for scholarships and grants, and providing the low-cost student loans.

As a preferred lender with many colleges and universities, choosing ESF as your lender for a student loan and/or parent loan is the right decision. Our student lending experts stand ready to help you apply.

Our job is making college possible. Your job is to take advantage of the free resources we make available to you. From skills assessment and school selection counseling to student loans and loan consolidation, you'll find everything you need to nail down college right here.

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Student Loan Consolidation Smart Move for Current Students?
Loan consolidation has helped Russell lighten the load on her already encumbered shoulders. This bright, athletic college senior has other things to worry about, including her position as the secretary of the Student Senate at Wittenberg and her role as president of the Tiger Pride, an athletic spirit club. And that's not all; Russell also holds positions on the executive boards for her school's Student Education Association and the Honor Council. In addition to those commitments, she is heavily involved with Greek life and serves on the Panhellenic Council.

Somehow, Russell still finds time to spend with her many diverse groups of friends and to pursue her passion for tennis, which she's been involved in since the age of 11. She has big plans for her future as well; and she would like to use her degree in math and science education to teach sixth grade and make efforts to change what she believes is a "flawed American educational system." Over the next 10 to 15 years, she would like to see education reforms made throughout the United States and hopes to be a part of that as either a teacher or an administrator within a school or a school system. She also wants to find time to pursue her masters' degree.

Questions about Student Loan Consolidation
What is Access Group?
Access Group is a nonprofit organization with over 20 years of specialized experience in graduate and professional student lending. We offer Federal Stafford Loans with no origination fees, private loans with fees as low as zero, and repayment incentives on all loans, including Federal Consolidation Loans. We also provide materials and services to help students borrow wisely, manage their debt, and successfully repay their student loans.

I hope you will find the best non profit student loan consolidation for you.

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Poly Muthumbi said...

A privatePRIVATE STUDENT student loan is a financing option for college education in the U.S that can either complement or substitute federally guaranteed loans such as Stafford loans, Perkins loans and Plus loans.

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