Free Premium Live Web Stats for 21 Days from pMetrics

If you are a blogger or a webmaster, and you have use a web stats on your site to analyze the stats and traffic to your site, I believe that you will familiar with Google analytic, SiteMeter, statcounter, or feedburner. All of them give you free web stats analysis for your blog or site. They have many feature to give you the best web stats analysis for your blog.

But if you have use them and you satisfied with their free web stats service, I 100 % sure you will be shock if you know another great web stats service that beat them.

Introducing to you a great web stats analysis service: Performancing metrics (pMetrics)

Performancing Metrics Blog Statistics

pMetrics Give you Free premium Live Web Stats for 21 days, and if you are satisfied with the free live web stats service you can upgrade to the pay service to continue the service. But if you do not want to upgrade, I think the free live web stats service is enough and better than other web stats analysis service like Google Analytic.

You can compare pMetrics with another web stats service here:


Google Analytics





All the basics
API for easy access to all of your data in XML, JSON, and PHP formats
Juicy details about each individual visitor
See every click by every visitor
Track custom data for every visitor (usernames, shopping cart ids, etc)
IP tagging (name your visitors manually)
Get your stats via RSS feeds
View popular data in a 'TagCloud' instead of boring tables and charts
Track outbound links
Track downloads
Aggregate (multi-day) view for all data
Data export to CSV and XML
Real Time Stats
Works with visitors who have disabled JavaScript
Official WordPress plugin for easy integration with your blog
FeedBurner RSS stat integration
Google Maps integration
Clean, simple, straight forward
Filter visitors based on country, browser, referer, search, etc
Spy (a live view of your web site)
Detailed visitor geography
Public statistics
Full dynamic referer tracking
Weekly software updates
Free service
Insanely affordable premium service
(less than $2/month)
Affiliate program to earn you cash or free premium service
Compatible with secure (https) sites

= Not by default. Requires hack and/or manual HTML editing and/or third party plugin.

pMetrics offering these great web stats Feature for you,

Performancing Metrics gives bloggers and smaller web sites a more personal understanding of their visitors. Many analyzers give good summaries, and Performancing Metrics is no different - but the similarities stop there. Performancing Metrics stands out with its refreshingly clean and simple interface, innovative features like Spy and RSS feeds, and an unrivaled per visitor level of detail. You also get real time stats, outbound link tracking, download tracking, IP tagging, custom data tracking, and much more...
and I think you could not find these web stats feature on another web stats program:

  • Clean interface
  • Visitor details (IP address, web browser, operating system, geolocation, language, and screen resolution, every actionon your web site (page views, file downloads, and outbound links))
  • Track custom data
  • API (Application Program Interface)
  • TagClouds
  • Data export
  • Track outbound links
  • Track file downloads
  • Stats via RSS
  • Real time stats
  • FeedBurner integration
  • Google Maps integration
  • IP Tagging
  • IP Filtering
  • Works with visitors who have JavaScript disabled
  • Secure web site support (SSL/HTTPS)
  • Full dynamic referer tracking
  • Public statistics
  • Spy your Site with Live Web Stats
  • Affiliate system (offer 50% Commission)
Sign Up now, and see what happen in your blog with the live web stats from pMetrics.


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