Not Free link exchange but Free One way Link form PR 4 site

Hey guys I have found an interesting chance to increase our blog Pagerank from Tag Directory.

You can get free one way link with specific tag that you want to get. You can add your site with 2 options, Text tag and square Tag. This is not free link exchange, but pure free one way link with specific tag and beautiful square tag link. This Tag Directory have PR 4 for now, so you will get free one way link from PR 4 site.

For text tag will looks like this

And for Square Tag will be like this:

For this square tag link, there are 400 square, you must choose the empty number that still Free for you, you can see the Picture above or below, The square that contain a cute pic is already taken by other site, so you must pick the other number. You can see the square picture below, my Global TipsInventory blog already take 345 place.

There are many place still empty now, so get the place for your blog, its very easy, Just Go here:

Submit your website free

Register, and after the registration complete, you can go to your account, you will see this in the right side, And you can add Text Tag, Square tag, or invite friends to join this tag directory.

Get this opportunity immediately, Don't be late friends. Let get free one way link from PR 4 site not just Link Exchange!Success.


blogosquare said...


Thiru said...

this idea is fascinating - i shud try it!

forumer said...

Thanx so much for this info my fren, great!!


Daniel said...

Interesting, we should try it.

Rob C said...

Nice offer!

As a tip Link Trinity offers numerous one-way links, again all for free...

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