Finding College Grants, Scholarships and Fellowships

by: Kelley Kilanski
The cost of a college education has increased dramatically over the last few years. With budget cuts to higher education and increased tuition, the burden of cost has increased for the average college student. While loans are an option, they have the drawback of needing to be repaid eventually. Another option for funding are scholarships, many of which are overlooked.

What are college scholarships?

College Scholarship programs essentially provide free money for college. Scholarships are awarded by charitable foundations, businesses, schools, universities, government agencies and private organizations and are awarded based on criteria set by these organizations. The criteria could be academic, athletic, membership in a specific group or club or on the basis of community service.

Finding College Scholarships

The search for college scholarships or grants is a timely process and applying can also take time, as some scholarships require essays or other material you will need to provide for consideration.

There are several resources available when searching for college scholarships. One of the most important resources is the school you plan on attending or are already attending. Your high school counselor may be able to provide information on scholarships and many universities have an office devoted to helping students find scholarships or grants.

Additionally, the university and public library may be good resources as well, especially if they have a section devoted to helping students find grants. If you're already attending a university, there may also be special seminars that provide information on how to go about a scholarship or grant search. Lastly, there are various online resources that will help you find scholarships. Be sure to research the website, though, to make sure they have a good reputation and are successful in assisting in the scholarship search. There are also inexpensive books on that may be helpful as well.

While the task of searching for college scholarships may be take time and energy, if you're successful, it will mean having to take out less in student loans and having less debt in the future related to your education.

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