College Scholarships: Find Free Money for School

The only thing that might cost more than your college education could possibly be your wedding. Many college graduates (and even some individuals that do not complete their education) spend years paying off college loans. Some others take on part-time or even full-time jobs while they are in school to help pay for college expenses.

One of the most desirable ways to finance an education is by using scholarships. Scholarships are basically free money that is used to pay all or part of tuition and expenses. Since scholarships do not need to be repaid, most college prospects try to find scholarships to pay for school.

So how can you find scholarships for college? There are few online scholarship databases. They allow you to search for several scholarships. You can also buy books or even find books at your local library that are full of scholarships that are given out each year. Several websites also give the chance to enter your name into scholarship contests. Some high schools have several scholarships that are awarded to graduating seniors for fitting specific criteria.

About every college and university gives scholarships to prospective students. Academic and honors scholarships are given based on grades and SAT or ACT scores. Each school has different criteria for receiving these scholarships, so you do not necessarily have to possess a 4.0 GPA to qualify. A lot of colleges and universities give minority scholarships to African-American, Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian, or any other ethnic group that is not dominant at that school. You might get a scholarship for participating in school activities like sports and music programs. Money could also be given to increase enrollment for college majors that are not largely pursued.

If you have an interest in pursuing a career in the military then you have a really good chance of having your entire education paid for. Your local community or religious organization may offer its residents and members money for college. Some employers offer scholarship money to their employees and employees' family members. Your job may also offer tuition reimbursement if you meet certain qualifications. You could also be eligible for money given by sororities, fraternal clubs, and other social organizations in which you or your family are involved. One last option is participating in pageants. There are local pageants that offer scholarships or money prizes that may not be as large as the prize offered for the Miss America or Miss USA pageants but they are easier to win.

You should check into all of the sources that I have mentioned. Every scholarship for which you are eligible should be seriously considered. A $500 scholarship might seem insignificant but the money all adds up and every little but helps.

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