American Basketball Scholarships - 10 Tips to Help You Get A Scholarship!

by: Lynn West

What do you think about March Madness? Exciting, isn't it? Do you dream about playing college basketball? Can you imagine what it feel like to actually be a March Madness Player? Take a second, think about your team gathering around for the tournament bracket annoucements, wonder which region your team will be chosen to play in, what will that arena be like, will the rims be loose or tight, will you have your best game ever, will you be so nervous that the sweat from your fingers doesn't allow a good grip on the ball?

Is this something that would interest you? Is this something that you want to be a part of? There are many steps you can take to dramatically increase your chances of playing collegiate basketball and getting a basketball recruiting scholarship. To be successful, you must take control of this process and you must learn how to maximize your chances of obtaining the athletic scholarship you are seeking.

Today, the recruiting process is highly sophisticated; and, in most cases, demands that student/athletes know how to market themselves. Many well-intentioned coaches, parents, and high school guidance counselors, who are advising student-athletes today, do not understand the steps in the recruiting process.

Experts agree that the most prized commodity in the "game" of athletic recruiting is information. College coaches and prospective college athletes both succeed or fail by information or the lack of information. Athletes need to know where they can receive a scholarship, and how to go about getting one; college coaches need to know about athletes who will best fit their programs.

As a student athlete, you can help your chances of "winning" an athletic scholarship by following the Top 10 Tips listed below.

1) Demonstrate superior athletic ability----You don't have to be an absolute superstar, but you must have talent.

2) Get in the best physical condition you possibly can. Obtain a great conditioning program and STICK WITH IT. Playing at your optimal potential is only possible when you are in top physical form.

3) Become a student of the game. Know your position inside and out.

4) Become fundamentally sound. Work on your shooting hand mechanics, free throws, jump shots, dribbling, etc.. as often as possible.

5) In the off-season stay focused on your strength training and vertical jump and you will see drastic improvement.

6) Learn about the mental game of basketball and how it impacts your success.

7) Play pick-up games as often as possible and vary your pick-up game competition as much as possible.

8) Get and keep yourself eligible by passing the required academic courses with a satisfactory GPA. Score the required entrance score on the SAT or ACT.

9) Conduct yourself in a manner that calls positive attention to yourself. Coaches shy away from possible problem athletes who might bring negative attention and disgrace to their programs.

10) Undoubtedly, it is imperative to learn how to promote yourself to college coaches.

The sooner a college coach knows about you, the better your chances are of getting a scholarship.

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